I don’t remember the last time so many different one days were done on the trot but it certainly felt a bit Groundhog Day at Upton this morning. Although it was cool (and breezy would be a bit of an understatement) and it did feel for the first time in a while like a pretty disappointing summers day where the weather was concerned.

Just the two advanced rides for Tim with Vitali back for his first run since Badminton and Jarillo (Milo) his first since Millstreet. Vitali banged out a superb 25 on the flat in a hot OI section which he trumped easily. His closest (and only other score in the 20’s) was Rosalind Canter with a 29 on the second of her two Badminton rides, Pencos Crown Jewel. Vitali then jumped a really smooth and lovely showjumping round on a day when poles were falling on the arena on top of the hill. As expected Tim hacked around for some 24 time and Vitali looked very pleased with himself back at the truck as well he might.

Tim had to get changed back into dressage clothes for Milo who was in the other OI section and he flicked his fancy toes around for a 22.3 which was also not unexpected. His showjumping round was also foot perfect and he looked full of confidence and poise as he effortlessly cleared the fences in a lovely rhythm. Tim added some 16 time on the well presented cross country which travels around Upton House Park complete with strung, mown tracks which always looks like the proper job.

Jonelle’s day was one of two halves as she had two in the morning and two in the afternoon which is always a little annoying….much nicer to get 4 dressage tests done then spend all day changing! Fernhill Kankan is into advanced points now and she looked perfectly at home in her first OI and scored a 25.2 which, considering the company, is all the more impressive! She then jumped a lovely clear before adding 12 time on her first run back since Bicton 3*Long.

Killbunny Andy is so reliable at the OI one days and finds it all so easy. A 35 on the flat was more indicative of the section he was in which was the one which Vitali wowed the judge and pretty much no one else apart from Rosalind did and he jumped very nice clear rounds both over the coloured poles and the cross country.

Senor Crocodillo (Diego) and Chilli’s Midnight Star (Ollie) came out in the afternoon with Diego cracking the dressage with a 25 and Ollie a 27.3. They both jumped clear which means Jonelle had a 100% strike rate in the jump arena and then they both jumped confident clear rounds cross country.

Upton is always the date in the calendar where the Badminton and the Spring three day horses come back out and the quality of the field there today was incredible. Congrats to Upton for securing an extra day from BE and especially for running all the advanced horses on day 1 of 3. They really do deserve the best of the ground and it is much appreciated by the competitors.