Better weather today in Saumur with glimpses of sunshine and all three Price horses jogged up well before waiting to jump in the afternoon.  The morning was spent packing up the truck and decluttering the stables and it is always a bit annoying watching a heap of 2L horses jumping when all you want to do is jump and go home!

Finally at 2.45 the 4L started and it wasn’t long before McClaren (Mac) got to go and jump his usual immaculate clear round.  Mac and Jonelle needed this as a qualification for Paris and they have pulled it off beautifully this weekend and the little fella has loved being back in the spotlight at his first big one of the year.

Jonelle and Senor Crocodillo ( Diego) then jumped another superb clear to rise from 21st to 14th with just a single 0.4 time fault to add.  That secures Diego’s Paris qualification as well and Jonelle is very glad to have the boxes ticked with these two guys as the pressure has been on this weekend to get the long formats done and dusted.

Tim and Jarillo ( Milo) jumped clear as well and rose from 9th to 5th in the process.  Milo is quite exceptional…he struggled to find his balance in the mud in March and now he is an expert!  Bizarrely at just a rising 10 year old he was all qualified for Paris when he came here but he has added another layer to his education and gained more accolades from his owners and his rider en route.

Hopefully the team should pull into Chedington around pre dawn, depending on customs and such but it has been a good trip with just Happy Boy to find another challenge for.  A relatively easy week with just 8 or 9 at Osberton on Friday before the unique and special 5 star at  Badminton is the next on the horizon.

Fingers crossed it just stops raining!

Tim and former working student James Avery who finished 8th and double clear on David and Karrie Thomson’s Dallas 13.  Photo credit Rachel Good.