Tim and Jonelle hosted a huge group pf owners at their new base on a stormy April Tuesday and jumped horses in the rather splendid indoor which seems vast compared to the cosy Mere Farm one. Since rain and hail storm #396 of March/April was doing its level best to get Noah and his Ark up and running again it was nice to have a dry viewing gallery to watch from with catering from our very own Beaney Davidson.

Much like a swan, the scenes in the viewing gallery were serene with coffee, cake, sandwiches, platters of bacon and egg pie, quiches and other such luxuries spread out on the tables. Down below Kerryn and her team were frantically tacking up, swapping horses, sending troops out hacking in the rain on horses whose owners could not be there be there and generally racing around like mad things. After most of the owners had snacked on lunch a plaintive cry came from the staff….”is there any lunch for us?” which of course Beaney had factored in and much to Scooby’s disgust they swooped through the leftovers and we barely needed to wash the plates.

Scooby did fine though as as fast as Beaney prepped by cutting off the pasty laden corners of her pies Scooby and I shared them before they hit the bin. There are advantages to be had when you help in the kitchen!

It was a great effort and much appreciated by the many supporters in attendance. Lots had travelled from afar and it was nice for them to be reunited with their respective steeds and to see them happy in their new home. Every single member of the team have worked their socks off in really atrocious weather to get a system in place and to work out what works best for each and every horse. As it is supposed to warm up next week things may be finally looking up but its crazy to think that its mid April and Jonelle has yet to start more than 2 of her horses at a one day and Tim has only competed his Badminton pair twice.

Silver linings though….it has been a blessing for the crew to have spent a few extra weekends at home and indeed, home it really does look like now. Here’s to many more fun days at Chedington and to the whole event season ( well, 7/8th anyway) still ahead of us.