The sun came out for Friday at Millstreet which was a welcome sight and there is no doubt it transformed the place!  Dara sparkled in the main arena and with the wind now a gentle breeze the flags were not such a scary sight which definitely was an advantage on a green horse stepping up to the level for the first time.

Dara gave the test his best shot with the tools he has in his box right now and and his only real mistake was that the first flying change late behind.  Other than that he found that he needed Tim’s help more than he cared to admit!  To his credit he is not a ‘hot’ horse so he just keeps trucking along, trying his best and not being offended by the step up in question.

He scored a 38.2 which is credible for his first attempt and Tim was very happy with him.  Dara will be happy to see the back of the dressage saddle and go jumping on Saturday alongside his stable mate Chio.