Just Tim and Vitali for Burghley this year…how we miss the Classic Moet’s (Molly), the Ringwood Sky Boy’s (Ozzie) and Xavier Fair’s (Hugo) on days like today. True Burghley horses are so very rare but Vitali has already proved he is very much one of them with his third placing last year and he’s a smart one on the flat too.

Vitali has been something of a brat at the last few jogs….you can never be entirely sure with Vitali if he gets really nervous or if he enjoys being the centre of attention. He’s a proper black horse with the stubbornness that goes hand in hand with the beauty and from refusing to go up through the arch at Badminton to scattering horses and riders at last years Burghley he knows all the tricks. Today though, clearly loving being the only Price horse and having both Tim’s and Kerryn’s full attention, he did a bit of backing away from the ground jury before trotting beautifully down it. He then decided he may keep going and Tim had to use his shoulder to avoid crashing into a shiny new Land Rover Defender but then he came back looking like an angel.

To say that everybody was surprised is a bit of an understatement! Vitali is ever capable of making you look a fool with your predictions and if this is a sign of a new grown up Vitali then this is going to be a very good week!

Burghley TV stream is the only way to watch the live stream and I have to say that this is one of the best. It’s just £20 and gives you access to all the live event action plus you can watch back and select highlights for the next 12 months. With presenters like Nick Luck, Tina Cook and John Kyle it is well worth the cost.