Torrential showers at Bicton for the jog on Wednesday but luckily Tim, Viscount Viktor and Falco were tucked up at home at Chedington!  For once a local International which means that the horses can stable at home as they are running the 4*S and it’s much appreciated by the whole team.

Not exactly a stunning summer’s day on Thursday but much improved on Wednesday.  Tim rode both Viktor and Falco on arrival around 8.30 am and they were both pretty bright, Falco especially so!  Tim declared himself glad to be in a jump saddle as Falco let the world know that he really is fully recovered from the colic surgery last autumn and back to being his cheeky naughty self.

Viktor put his game face on and did a really solid test for a 28 and that left him inside the top 10 at the end of the first days dressage.  Tim was very happy with him and said that Viktor was trying hard to improve with every outing which is all you can ask for from any horse.

Falco was the last horse of the day and although Tim described him as being still “very fresh” he kept a lid on his enthusiasm and went through the movements with professionalism.  He finished up with a score of 26, just 0.6 off the lead held by Ros Canter after more than 50 horses had gone in front of the judges.

A huge entry for Bicton’s 4*S this year, no doubt in part to the abandonment of Chatsworth 4S last weekend and another 50 odd horses to go tomorrow.  Then Tim and his duo drive an hour back on Saturday for the showjumping and cross country on Sunday for what will be the most relaxed and yet competing weekend all year!