It’s Aachen time!  And how we love Aachen, even if we arrived to the same dreary grey skies and rain that we had left behind in the UK which was a tad disappointing but even that can’t totally dampen that Aachen feeling of being at the greatest show on earth.

Hot on the news that both Tim and Jonelle have made the team of three for Paris, alongside Pratoni del Vivaro team mate Clarke Johnstone and travelling reserve Caroline Powell.  Jonelle brings Senor Crocodillo (Diego) to Aachen whilst Tim brings Jarillo (Milo), both two superb up and coming horses who are first timers here.

Indeed it was mentioned that Diego and Milo are so impressed by their new glitzy surroundings that they possibly think that they are at this “Olympics” that everyone keeps talking about!  This could have been reinforced by a camera crew from The One Show who filmed Kerryn and Rosie driving the horses onto the Eurotunnel as part of a feature on horses travelling to the Olympics to be shown later this month.

They just went for a hack around the training field in the late afternoon and  with Tim selecting his route carefully he managed to avoid any horse shy moments which was a big step forward for Milo.  Thursday afternoon sees the jog, Friday morning the dressage, Friday late afternoon the jumping and then cross country on Saturday morning before we all head home again.

It’s the last big one before Paris and it certainly has that feeling about it.

The New Zealand Horses arrive for the Eventing. 2024 GER-CHIO Aachen Weltfest des Pferdesports. Soers, Aachen, Germany. Wednesday 3 July 2024. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography